Thoughts From Our Pastor 

I, Hector L. Rodriguez Jr., have the privilege of pastoring Trinity, a Church that strives to please the Lord.  We are a friendly church that loves to connect with new people and work together for the cause of Christ.  We worship together, grow together, and serve together.  That is our purpose as we share the wonderful news of Jesus Christ!


The suburbs of Chicago, IL, is where I was raised and was brought up in church since I was 4 years old.  My father is a pastor, and my three brothers all pastor as well.  Attending Bible college I have received my Bachelor's degree in Bible study and have been involved in ministry for well over 20 years. 


Cheryl Rodriguez, my wife, and my three children all serve alongside me as our church co-labors together for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We have fallen in love with Texas, and enjoy being a part of Trinity.  My wife and I have been married for almost 20 years and enjoy sharing our time and experiences with others.


We look forward to meeting you and encouraging one another as we worship, grow, and serve, for the cause of Christ

-Pastor Hector L. Rodriguez Jr.


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(409) 948-1515


2220 29th St. N.

Texas City, TX 77590

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